#MoreArtLessCarbon Changenow Communities Christie's

A ChangeNOW project to support sustainable creation


With the complicity of Christie's France, and the artists and galleries who agreed to participate, the non-profit organization ChangeNOW Communities is putting 16 works by 12 French and international artists up for sale to support its actions: the ChangeNOW Prize and Days for Sustainable Creation.


This new sale presents sober and strong works of artists who shape the "already there", who create with the created. The abandoned material is diverted, re-shaped, sublimated, re-sourced. The works are neither "green" nor activist, they do not necessarily address ecology as a theme, but integrate it into the creative process.

These works all have in common that they offer a new perspective at the value of materials and their life cycle. The mediums or techniques chosen by the artists minimize the impact on the environment, limiting the use of toxic materials, reducing the amount of material or energy, using recycled, upcycled, collected in forests or in a junkyard, on a construction site or in a craftsman's workshop, without ever sacrificing anything to the freedom and creative power, because planetary resources are limited, but creativity is infinite.

Sustainable art do not only recycle, it re-sources the material and questions the artificials conventions ruling the scale of our values. 

"Since 2017, we have been committed to putting artists at the center of the event. Our Art for Change program is now taking on a new dimension thanks to the confidence of Christie's France and the launch of ChangeNOW Communities. "

Santiago Levebvre, co-founder of ChangeNOW

The profits from the sale will be shared between the artists, their galleries and the association ChangeNOW Communities, to promote and encourage low-carbon artistic creation.

Two levers of action of the association:

  • The ChangeNOW Prize for Sustainable Creation, the amount of which will depend on the funds collected during the auction, awarded to an artist selected by a professional jury, for the creation of a new work, exhibited at ChangeNOW 2022.
  • A series of physical and virtual meetings in 2021 and 2022 inviting artists, collectors, institutions, eco-design and ecology professionals to exchange and work together.