Caroline Desnoëttes

Caroline Desnoëttes (chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres ) is a committed and optimistic artist who has been exploring the co-evolution of the living world for the past ten years using a radical, sober and contemporary technique. Very close to the public, she openly shares the elaboration and meaning of her works through accessible and always demanding mediation.

Hybridization between plants, humans and other animals is at the heart of her work, as a tribute and manifesto to draw attention to endangered spaces and species. Her performances, installations and exhibitions evoke the symbiotic relationship of the living that intermingle in an ecosystem.

Caroline Desnoëttes develops and plays with a vast palette of innovative mediums and biomimetic techniques. She pushes the limits of paper. She crumples, weaves and interprets survival blankets, fragile membranes in balance, protective of life. She diverts and braids seaweed. She works with new materials such as anthropocite (waste fossils made by the company Néolithe). Her drawings of hybrids are unusual tête-à-tête with our distant imaginary cousins. His installations are monumental games of transparencies and reflections. The public, in resonance with the works, animates them with its presence.


Caroline Desnoëttes' work is finally a permanent research bringing together art and science: she works with researchers from the CNRS and the Sorbonne, bio-acousticians and actors of the marine circular economy to anchor her works in an ecological, collective and interdisciplinary approach.